The SMILE Audit Model

How does your institution treat diversity and inclusion?

The SMILE Audit Model

SMILE has developed a set of tools to allow HEIs (but also other organisations) to self-reflect regarding the way their institution is addressing and enabling diversity in general.


This set of tools include:

  • A Preliminary Self-Assessment Tool
  • The SMILE Audit Model

The SMILE Audit Model has been developed, tested in 20 different institutions, refined and finalised after consultation with regional engagers. These tools (the preliminary self-assessment tool but specially the Audit Model) are tools to help users to find a way to implement a Diversity Audit in practice in HEIs, identifying the obstacles, existing models, strategies for implementation, etc. 


The SMILE Audit Model includes a users’ Guide, so institutions interested to go through the process find an easy way to organise their activity. The guide is full of recommendations and advice on how to organise and carry out a Diversity Audit.

Smile audit model

SMILE Audit Model

The SMILE Audit Model is a full developed tool that allows institutions to set up activities to discuss and progress in the further development and/or implementation of inclusive strategies. 

The tool is organised comprehensively and gives to users tips and advice on how to use the tool and plan the activities to ensure a successful output. 

The SMILE Audit Model has been conceived as a tool that allows growth and improvement to the institution that chooses to work with this model.

Since the model has been tested in 20 different occasions, its effectivity and effect has been proved. 

If your institution is seriously considering going the extra mile towards diversity and inclusion, do not lose the opportunity to use the SMILE Audit Model and see how much this tool can do for your institution. The model includes access to a set of References that might be of help for those interested to do further reading.

This model is self-contained and free – anyone could download it and use it. If you feel you need some coaching, please contact us at

Preliminary Self-Assessment Tool


The SMILE self-assessment tool forms part of the SMILE Audit Model on Diversity. You can use it even if you are not planning to do an audit in your institution. Answering this self-assessment questionnaire in an honest way will help you to see how much attention to diversity and inclusion your institution is giving.

Once you see the result of this exercise, you might actually be encouraged to suggest to your institution to run an audit on diversity.

Once you use this self-assessment tool you will know how to plan your audit on diversity. This self-assessment tool will help you identify your institution’s strengths and growth areas in learning related to diversity and inclusion. 

It will take you about 30 minutes to complete this self-assessment if you work individually. You can also create a working group and discuss the questions.

If you want to use this tool, download the file here: