How to influence key stakeholders for a global change?


SMILE has taken into account all the perspectives and experiences collected during the project and developed an Operational Policy Recommendations Action Plan.

This document has been discussed with different stakeholders at different levels in different events: internally with the consortium in two partners meetings (in Malta and in Cagliari), followed by a survey to stakeholders and an online consultation session with experts. The policy recommendations will be also presented and discussed in a Round Table in Brussels (September 2023) and during the Final Symposium in Barcelona (November 2023).



How to enable a more inclusive and diverse Europe?

The SMILE project understands diversity as an asset that can enhanced the existing strengths of our society.


From this point of view, taking into account all the information gathered by the project, SMILE has developed a set of Recommendations and Action Plan that list the Ten SMILE Principles structured in 4 different areas:

The project has also created a comprehensive Action Plan for each of the Ten Principles with shot, medium and long term objectives, and for three different levels of actors: HEI top management, Policy Makers and Civil Society. Visibility of the work expected at these three levels shows how important is for them to interact and collaborate.