CPD Courses

How can HEIs promote amongst their staff diversity and inclusion?

3 CPD open courses

SMILE will develop 3 different CPD open courses. The design of each course will differ slightly depending on the specific pillar addressed as each CPD course will be made to measure to the needs and challenge of the specific pillar. The end result will be 3 CPD courses, one for each SMILE pillar, which will include a full structure, the content and exercises.

Real cases and role models will be an essential part of these courses, so that users/students have the opportunity to see the situation through real stories and understand in a deeper way the importance for embedding and embracing diversity.

Role models could also help developing a more sympathising attitude towards diversity. The courses will be tested in real classes with real students and feedback will be collected, to enable the refinement of the draft CPD courses and the incorporation of those views.

SMILE will organise 3 webinars (one for each pillar) where the CPD courses will be presented and where the importance, structure and contents will be explained.