Press Release 1

June 2021 – Official launch of the SMILE website. We have recently post stakeholders and colleagues the Press Release 1 of the project, announcing the official opening of the website and inviting our audiences to visit and use this platform. If you are interested to receive the next Press Releases of the project, please contact us.

Newsletter 1

May 2021 – We launch the first newsletter on diversity and inclusion: Inclusive Europe! This newsletter will gather information about activities, actions and projects connected to inclusion – let’s all together make a better Europe! You are invited to subscribe to the newsletters and to send articles that are relevant to the topic so we add them to the news issues. 

Inclusive Europe

March 2021 – Do you work in the area of diversity and inclusion? Are you in a project with these topics? Then you might be interested to follow the Inclusive Europe initiative.

We have developed a group in LinkedIn, a page in Facebook and a page in Twitter. Plus we have created a Newsletter dedicated to the topic where you can contribute and you can subscribe to. Join us!

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